Covid-19 Update

UPDATE – 24-MAY 2020 — We can’t wait to gather together again for face-to-face services…. and we will again soon, but not quite yet.  While we are thankful and optimistic about the President’s recent announcement regarding church services being deemed essential, we are also watching closely with recent developments in our state government…specifically as the Ninth Circuit Court Ruled (2-1) Against the President’s emergency motion to allow for religious services to proceed..  We are praying for a quick resolution  and a clear legal path for our gathering together very very soon.  For now, Join us for Online Services — View the service from our homepage or our YouTube Channel.

Previous Updates Below…

UPDATE – 3-MAY 2020 — Ventura County is still under a “STAY WELL AT HOME” order, and as such, In-Person gatherings are still prohibited within our county.  Please check back here to find updates— and we will email an update when this order has been lifted and we are able to resume in-person services.  For now, Join us for Online Services — View the service from our homepage or our YouTube Channel.

NewHeart Family and Friends,
Our world is experiencing a unique season of time at present, and I wanted to give you some updates on some changes we’re making over the next few weeks as a church.  (Summary and then details to follow)
  • Our regular weekend gathering will be happening Online only (there will be no in-person service)
  • Community Groups will gather on Sunday mornings for Fellowship and Watch Parties
  • Resourcing our Neighborhoods and People.
Our Weekend Service will be ONLINE.  With the most recent recommendations by our President and the CDC recommending cancellation of gatherings over 50 people, we’ve decided to move all of our weekend Gatherings for March to ONLINE ONLY.  (There will be no in-person mass gatherings at the NewHeart campus this weekend or next).  We will re-evaluate the status as we approach  the end of March as to plans for our April services.
We will stream this weekend (as we always do) on Facebook Live.  You do not need a FaceBook account to join our service and you can watch at after our stream starts.  We will start streaming right at 10am, so please be ready to start the service stream as we would love for you to join us online this weekend.  Facebook makes a video “app” for all modern Smart TVs and Devices (including Fire TV, Roku and Apple TV).  Please take a moment to download those apps on your TV so you’re ready to join us this weekend  (and you can also watch our previous messages there as well).  If you don’t have a  smart TV but would like to watch or stream the service this weekend, please consider joining a community group gathering, or reply to this email as we have a small number of Roku devices we can lend out for use over the next several weeks.
Watch parties in Community.  Most of our community groups will be gathering for a time together to WATCH the service, and pray together in community this Sunday—so we are living out our mission to Live “multiplied.”  If you are part of a community group already, please contact your Community group leader for details on where your group will be meeting.   If you are not part of a community group and would like a place to connect this weekend,
Note— if you, or any member of your household is sick, or is at a higher risk for COVID-19 we are asking you to stay home and self-quarantine (and not join your Community group for a  watch party).
Resources for You and your Neighbors.  

If you are a regular at NewHeart, please let us know if you are self quarantining or sick so we can check in on you and support you through this season— don’t wait until you have a need, let us know ASAP!

Additionally, If you are self quarantined (or know of someone who is), and are in need of assistance, help shopping, or simply need prayer— please reach out to us. You can send an email to this email address, or text ASSISTANCE or PRAYER to (844)947-6156. Our teams would love to pray with people, and to help where possible.

Let’s be good neighbors.  Im encouraging our entire church family to consider the elderly, and those at risk in our community and neighborhoods.  Check in on your neighbors, offer to pray for their fears, and help wherever you can.  (Even share your toilet paper 😉)
Our NewHeart Food pantry will be still open for those in need this Sunday in a new “Grab and Go” Format— and we need volunteers to help with food delivery and pickup on Friday as well as distribution on Sunday afternoon.
As our nation is in the midst of this dark season of Pandemic, and fear and darkness seems to be winning, I wanted to remind you of Jesus words to His followers— to you and to me from Matthew5:14-16
You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

Church has never been a building, but it is a movement of people — A WAY.  Let us in this moment of hightened need in our nation, let us show the way and light the path towards God to an onlooking world.

See you this weekend…. online!
Pastor Brian Fox